Location and Meeting Info

The Ham Shack is open every Thursday from ~6:30pm until we get tired of it...Informal meetings are held every Thursday at 7pm. The official club business meeting is on the 1st Thursday. 

The 3rd Thursday is Program night and when we talk about club projects that are pending.

VE Testing is included the 2nd and 4th Thursdays except for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Come and talk radios at 6:00 pm and stay after to "Rag Chew".

We are now running an information net on the 147.28 repeater Tuesday nights at 8PM.  -See our repeater page for status and settings.


Additionally a few club members and other amateurs meet for breakfast on Thursday and Saturday mornings at 7AM.   

The locations vary, but ususally south Fort Worth, not far from I-20.  

These are not club meetings, just casual get togethers open to the public.   

You can check in on the "two-eight" (147.28 repeater) between 6:30 and 7AM,  or look at the NCTC Radio or maybe Tarrant County HAMs/Radio Clubs Facebook pages.