Amateur Radio Licensing

2nd and 4th Thursday Testing Session Walk-Ins Welcome

Testing sessions are held by VEs, volunteer examiners for Amateur Radio Licenses and General Radio Operator (GROL)Licenses.

Amateur Radio Testing is held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings of the month at 7pm at the Radio Club House. (Except November and December Testing 2nd Thursday Only)

Walk ins are always welcome and expected, you need not register for testing. 

We alternate between the ARRL and W5YI versions of the test.  Current testing Fee: ARRL is $15 and W5YI $14. We accept cash or check. 

FRN number, pen, (we have pencils for your use),  calculator (for general/extra license test) with memories erased.

If you had recently passed a test and have not had license issued yet, you need to bring the CCS, form given to you by examiners when you passed the previous test.

Contact the coordinator of volunteer examiners Brian Head N5UWP or Tommy Davis  W5TCD  for questions or to confirm the scheduled test time. Either email the webmaster or call the club phone (605) 269-8696 - leave a message.

GROL testing is held as needed on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings of the month, but must be scheduled in advance with Kevin Vickers

Practice test generators are available on the web...They will allow you to generate practice tests for your Amateur Radio License and GROL testing. This will prove invaluable as you prepare for your test.