The Cowtown Amateur Radio Club operates 3 repeaters.

2M and 70CM operates on Yaesu's newest repeaters including Fusion capability (but currently no direct internet connection).

The 220 repeater is on a modified Motorola system.

Due to maintenance at radio tower sites over the last couple of years, only our VHF repeater is operational...we hope to get the 220 and 70CM operational in 2022 (work in progress, antennas and coax are being tested...installation coordinated).


2m Repeater Output: 147.28 MHz Input: 147.88 MHz Tone: 110.9


220 MHz Repeater Output: 224.42 MHz Input: 222.82 MHz Tone: 110.9 (if used)

70CM Repeater Output: 442.20 MHz Input: 447.20 MHz Tone: 110.9 Hz