The Cowtown Amateur Radio Club operates 3 repeaters.

2M and 70CM operates on Yaesu's newest repeaters including Fusion capability (but currently no direct internet connection).  

The 220 repeater is on a modified Motorola system.

Since 8 OCT 2022 all repeaters have been operational (K5COW and W5SJZ)


2m Output: 147.28 MHz Input: 147.88 MHz Tone: 110.9 Shift: +

1.25m Output: 224.42 MHz Input: 222.82 MHz Tone: 110.9 Shift: -

70cm Output: 442.20 MHz Input: 447.20 MHz Tone: 110.9 Shift: +

For brand new hams...the Output frequency is what you set on your radio to receive or listen to the repeater.   The Input frequency is what the repeater is listening to.   When you press your Push-To-Talk (PTT) button, your displayed frequency should change to the repeater Input frequency...if it doesn't you either do not have "Shift" enabled, or the correct amount of "offset".   You can see that two of our repeaters currently have "+" or positive shift...your radio's transmit frequency is higher than the receive frequency.  The 1.25m (220) repeater has "-" negative shift.

Some radios require you to manually put in the receive and transmit frequencies...others have an 'auto repeater' function where you put in the receive frequency, and the radio automatically sets the correct transmit frequency...but still you have to make sure the shift direction is correct.

Usually when hams talk about a repeater's frequency, they are talking about the receive frequency you set in your radio.

Tone is used by the repeater to ignore transmissions that are not directed toward it.   So Transmit Tone needs to be set on your radio (PL tone, CTCSS, some radios call it different things) .  Most repeaters do not themselves transmit tone, so don't set "Receive Tone Squelch" unless you know for sure the repeater you are using transmits tone itself.