Digital Operations

Digital communication involving Amateur Radio covers a wide range of subjects...these are the areas where our club has operated and mentored in.

Digital over HF - Every Field Day we operate at least two strictly digital HF stations, this year running FT8 and FT4. Primary tools are WSJT-X , FLDigi, and WinLink.

Digital over 2M/70CM - Winlink Packet is used in this area, also APRS is quite popular in the club.

Digital Voice - Our members use DMR, D-Star, C4FM (System Fusion), Allstar, and Echolink. Lots of Hotspots have been built and updated and lots of HTs programmed at our Thursday night meetings.

DRAWS - Sometime around 2018 a 'Hat' for the Raspberry Pi computer was released and included a free software package...The entire system is called DRAWS and replaces the need for a large computer and sound card (such as Signalink). Your digital comm can be accomplished with a tablet, the low power DRAWS unit and your radio...especially handy for those who want to backpack to their comm site and run off battery/solar.

This was successfully employed in our 2021 Field day operation.