Radio Operations


What does this button do?

Bottom line is, the Amateur Radio hobby is all about communication...there are many methods from very vintage, very simple or very cheap - to very modern,  very complex, or very expensive...use what ever mode you have when you need it.   Our club explores the vast range of communication...there is something for everyone.

Our club has a nice donated radio room so that everyone can get on the air!

We have someone that can mentor in pretty much every flavor of Amateur Radio!

 We have a remote radio system now so club members can use the club radios from the their home or on the road.  Right now it is HF only but soon we will be adding VHF/UHF with SSB capability.

 We are operating 3 repeaters, 147.28+, 224.42-, 442.20+  PL110.9

Below are images of our remote radio system devices.