Remote Radio Information

The COVID drama caused the club to look at remote operations of the club radios.

As a result an Icom IC-746Pro is setup for remote usage by club members utilizing the RCForb software with minimal training.  Previously we were using an FT-857 in this role, however we replaced that radio with the IC-746.  The documents below will reference the FT-857...there are no changes to installation or usage with the IC-746...other than digital (as noted below) simply have more options now.

Additionally the FlexRadio can be remotely operated by the Flex SmartSDR software, however the Flex is a bit  more challenging for users, so one or more training sessions is required.  All of the documents below only describe usage of the IC-746Pro.

Remote usage is strictly restricted to Cowtown ARC members in good standing (that means current dues, participating members.)   This is to allow our local members more access than just during club nights.  

However visitors are welcome to see and use the club radios.

Installation and setup of the RCForb Software for Cowtown Club Members. (Note: No changes to setup for simply now have more options)