Club Radio Room

The Cowtown Amateur Radio Club has a radio room featuring a Yaesu FT-1000, Icom IC-746Pro, a FlexRadio 6500, and a Kenwood TH-D710.

The D710 is being partially utilized as a Winlink Gateway for VHF Packet and VaraFM connections. 

The FlexRadio and IC-746Pro are also available for club remote use. (current status at link above)

Additionally the club is building a 'permanent' AMSAT ground station using an Icom IC-910H.

The club already has a 'portable' Satellite ground station using a Yaesu FT-847, that system is used for school visits and Field Day.

A running joke in the club is that for a radio club, there are more computers than radios...The modern reality is that computers have added much more capability to our existing radio operations.   That does not mean it is required, and our club is set up to operate on-the-air without the aid of computers...however if you are interested in advanced technology...our club employs that also.

Warning: computer talk ahead...

We have three computers (a Raspberry Pi and two Lenovo ThinkCentres) as our remote operation system.   The Raspberry Pi that controls the remote system utilizes a pair of Teensy 'Arduinos' to interface with the ThinkCentres.   Additionally there is another ThinkCentre for local use of the FlexRadio, and one for our local satellite ground station operations.   Finally our phone system runs off a Raspberry Pi running Incredible PBX.  We are experimenting with Node-Red running on a Pi for more station control options...