Club Purpose

A. The nonprofit corporation is organized to conduct charitable, scientific and educational activities exclusively within the meaning of section 501(c)3 of the IRS code. Such

activities may include, but are not limited to

1. Promotion of the scientific hobby of amateur radio and the Amateur Radio Service as licensed and described in Title 47, Part 97 of the Code of Federal Regulations,

2. Providing service to the community at large through providing communications and other services, without compensation, at charitable events and in emergency

situations, when commercial services are unavailable or not feasible,

3. Furthering technical expertise in the fields of radio and electronics through club activities and training classes,

4. Promoting the creation of new radio amateurs and the upgrade of existing radio amateurs by providing Volunteer Examiners and establishing testing sessions in

accordance with Title 47, Part 97, Subpart F of the Code of Federal Regulations,

5. Enhancing international goodwill through sharing common interests via radio contacts and other means, and

6. Training in proper radio operating procedures and emergency preparedness through member participation in operating events and special activities.

501c(3) Information

1. The following documents will be made available to the public upon request at a time and place that is mutually acceptable to all parties

a. Articles of incorporation and all amendments;

b. Bylaws and all amendments;

c. Conflict of interest policy;

d. Form 1023 (1024) and all attachments; and

e. Audited financial statements

2. The Form 990s The Form 990 will be made available either upon request and reimbursement of copy costs or by other means allowable under the applicable Treasury Regulations.

The financial statements will not be made available to the public, other than as reported on the annual Form 990. The financial statements are unaudited and are for reporting purposes to the board only. The financial statements represent the current understanding of the financial picture at that snapshot in time, and as such are reviewed by the board of directors. Without an independent audit or review of the financial statements and the information from which they are prepared, the corporation believes that it would be unwise to make them available to the public. The information set forth in the Form 990 has at least received the advice of the organization’s independent accountant in its preparation, and to that extent, is a better picture of the organization’s financial condition than the informal financial statements presented to the board during the year.

What is required to be disclosed by the IRS.